spf Bearing

Who we are?

NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED is a family businss consisting of two deep groove ball bearing factory,one tapered roller bearing factory.one cylindrical roller bearing factory,one spherical roller bearing factory ,one bigger,double /four taped roller bearing & High quality CC Spherical roller bearing stock, specializing in designing manufacturing,and trading bearings in domestic and foreign country.

What we make?

The manufacturing capacity of NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED ranges from small bearings with inner diameter of 20mm to large bearings with outer diameter of 500mm. In addition to standard products..

NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED also Professional manufacturer for Russia LADA,KAMAZ,ZIL,GAZ,GAZEL,UAZ and tractor.Meanwhile, it can also provide OEM service.

Where we use?

NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED products are widely used in the agricultural,textile production,mining,printing and packing industries,in addition to various application at airports,in air-conditioning systems,conveying devices,ships and so on. A domestic sales and service network has more than 50 countries and regions overseas includingJapan,Korea,Italy,Iran,Switzerland,France,America,Singapore,Thailand,India,Pakistan,RussiaTurkey,England,Australia as well as other country.

Why deal with us?

All producing processes, such as forging, turning, heat treating, grinding, assembly and packing, are finished in our manufactory. That is why NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED can provide you precision ball and roller bearings at the lowest possible prices and meet delivery on time. As an ISO9001:2000, certified manufacturer, we had established product traceability system. Besides,NEXANS BEARING GROUP CO.,LIMITED has a strong technological team to solve various problems in application and use of our bearings.